• Commander C200 Variable Speed Drive
  • Powerdrive F300
  • Low Voltage Soft-Starters DIGISTART SERIES

– 0.25 – 132kW

– Built in EMC filter compliance to IEC61800-3

– Built in independent PID Control

– Built in Internal Line Choke

– Most compact size and space saving drive

Commander C the 6th generation

Commander Drives have established the standard of excellence in motor control since 1983. The new Commander C series is built on six generations of knowledge to meet advanced requirements in a wide range of applications and provide optimum user experience.

Key Highlights > Simple, reliable motor control

Straightforward installation and commissioning
For a quick motor set-up the key parameters are printed on the front of the drive so you can be up and running within seconds.

Set just 4 parameters to get your drive started
Simply select the motor rated current, RPM, voltage and power factor from parameters 6 to 9.

Up to 180% overload for high torque applications.

Equipped with the latest energy saving features
Commander C helps you maximize productivity while keeping operating costs down.

Dual Safe Torque Off (STO)
Commander C300 (only) features a Dual Safe Torque Off input, certified to SIL3/PLe safety rating and compliant with EN/IEC 61800-5-2.

Plug-in options for advanced control
Communication interfaces are available as options to support a wide range of controllers.

On board PLC
Embedded intelligence eliminates the need for an external controller, saving both on cost and space when installing Commander C drives into a system.

Wide availability and outstanding service
Through our local Drive Centres.

Online Support

The Diagnostic Tool App is a fast and simple tool, which allows users to quickly solve any error codes that the drive may show. Built within the app are easy to locate wiring diagrams for first time setup and fault finding with links to the relevant comprehensive manuals. The app also has full contact details of the technical support teams around the world to aid you with technical assistance. Available for Apple, Android and Windows TM, download the app for free at  https://acim.nidec.com/drives/control-techniques/downloads/mobile-applications


Free access web pages provide ‘how-to’ videos, step by step guides and comprehensive technical manuals. http://www.drive-setup.com

Commander C200 Setup Videos

Commander C200 is complete with resources to assist you with rapid installation and commissioning, fast diagnostics and easy option module selection. Please refer to the user guides, software downloads and apps displayed below.

Commander C200 Quick Start Videos (click to see the full size video)


The Powerdrive F300

– 1.1 – 280kW

– Built in EMC filter compliance to IEC61800-3

– Built in independent PID Control

– Built in Internal Line Choke

Fan, Pump and Compressor drive. Optimum energy efficiency, flexible functionality and ease of use

Nidec Industrial Automation has been involved with fan, pump and compressor applications for over 40 years. Our technological expertise and experience working with equipment manufacturers, system installers and end users allow us to provide a range of products and services to meet and exceed all your needs:

  • Cutting edge drives and motors technology – providing reliable, high performance and energy efficient solutions for industrial flow applications
  • Scalable automation solutions – from simple drive and motor compressor or pump control up to a fully engineered process system. Our products and services are backed by global industrial expertise and full support at a local level. We can provide turn-key solutions or integrate with system designers or machine manufacturers, as required
  • Customized local services – ensuring all elements of your system are supported, ranging from consultation, energy audits, cabinet building, installation, commissioning and maintenance, to specific training on your application, ensuring maximum performance throughout the lifetime of your application
Optimum energy efficiency for fan, pump and compressor applications

The Control Techniques Powerdrive F300 enables the most efficient performance and highest energy savings for fan, pump and compressor applications. Designed in conjunction with Nidec’s LSRPM and PLSRPM permanent magnet (PM) motors, the Dyneo® solution provides the highest energy savings available in the market today. Powerdrive F300 is also designed to control standard AC induction motors. The drive is matched with IEC induction motors from Nidec Industrial Automation IMFinity® range, providing the control, reliability and ease of installation and commissioning required for your pumping, ventilation or compression application.

Further advantages include:

  • Reliability and high uptime enabled by robust product design, matched motor and drive compatibility and quality service support
  • Fast and simple drive set-up and management plus efficient customer care from a complete drive and motor solution provider


– 18 – 200A (7.5 – 110kW)

Control Made Easier

Three adjustments can be made on the D1 and D2 soft starter :

  • Initial start voltage
  • Start ramp time
  • Soft stop ramp time
Making soft starters simple

Our D1 Series soft starters allow you greater control over the starting and stopping of three phase motors. The D2 is ideal as a simple soft start control device, whilst the D2 provides an advanced soft start system complete with motor protection.

Compact Design
The D1 and D2 soft starter is a compact unit suitable for mounting in a switchboard or motor control centre without the need for an external bypass contactor. At only 165 mm deep it is easy to mount in shallow switchboards.

For motors up to 60 A the soft starter can be mounted on a DIN-rail, or the D1 may be mounted in a bank horizontally to use less space, often critical in certain switchboards.

Energy Savings
We have made energy savings simple. D1 and D2 soft starters are equipped with an internal bypass function to reduce operating costs. D1 starters are 99.5% efficient during run, produce no harmonics and are the most energy efficient solution for fixed speed applications with variable load.

Simple to Integrate
With features such as dedicated output relays to control the upstream main contactor and power factor correction capacitors, D1 and D2 soft starters are easy to integrate into complete motor control solutions.

Trip Messages
The D1 and D2 allows for fast diagnosis of a trip via two LEDs on the front of the unit. LEDs will flash to indicate the trip.


– 23 – 1600A (7.5 – 800kW)

Low Voltage Soft Starter

Range : 23 – 1600 A / 400 V or 690 V

Immediate Access to Information

• Settings, values & units
• Operating data
• Trips and diagnostics
• Multilingual (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian)

Quick and Easy to Use

• Keys for intuitive browsing
• Local controls
• Customisable function keys

Integrated by-pass*V

Up to 60 % space saving:

• Elimination of external power components
• Simplified remote control wiring
• Energy saving


24 – 580A (7.5 – 315 kW)

Why not make life easier?
Rely on D4 & D5

Like its predecessor, the D4 and D5 soft starter sets new standards for soft start technology. D4 and D5 is not only smaller, more powerful and packed with new control and protection features, it also introduces the gamechanging Smart Card capability. Fitting a Smart Card to the D4 and D5 transforms it from super smart motor controller to complete system controller. This is truly a starter for the future.

Quick Application Setup

  • Easy commissioning

Simulation Mode

  • Easy and fast testing during installation and commissioning
  • No need for mains supply and motor

Automatic Timers and Schedulers

  • Fast and easy automation
  • No need for external logic or timers

Power Through

  • Minimal downtime on-site
  • Retain most control and protection capabilities

Emergency Mode

  • Continued operation in emergency situations

USB Port

  • Easy data retrieval without the need for PC or network
  • No need for adaptor or cable
  • Easy firmware updates
  • Easy and fast commissioning

Pluggable Terminals

  • Fast installation and unit exchange