• ACB
  • MCCB
  • MCB
  • RCCB
  • RCBO
  • Contactor AC3
  • Thermal Overload Relay
  • Contactor AC6-B


– Compliance to IEC60947-2

– Type Test approval by DEKRA

– Built in with Shunt trip coil 240VAC and Auxiliary Contact 3a

– Rated Current (A) 1000A until 6300A

– Breaking Capacity (kA) 65kA & 85kA

Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)

Capable of Responding to Various Customer Applications HG Series air circuit breaker is equipped with high breaking capacity and highly functional OCR, making various customer applications on industrial building, computer center, device industries and others possible. With all models designed with 100 % n phase current flow capacity, the equipment is safely protected against abnormal phenomenon such as harmonics and others.

Equipped with Various Accessories and Highly Functional Protection Trip Relay (OCR)

Over Current Relay (Trip Relay)

Apart from the basic protection functions, OCR has reinforced power monitoring functions such as temperature monitoring, fault recording and storage etc., enabling stable power supply.

Convenient Maintenance by Attaching Draw-In/Out Device to the Body

Customized Retrofit ACB

New products can be developed to be compatible/installed according to the distance of cradle phase/pole/land and terminal size of the ACB that has been installed previously.

Economic : No need for busbar and external box replacement, minimum construction period, uninterruptable replacement in case of body retrofit.

Stability : Lifespan can be extended through the latest relay performance and by providing breaking performance of high breaking product.

Compatibility : Stable usage through control terminal bar, bus bar structure and plug-in compatible devices.

Technical Support : Customer satisfaction through inspection of various accessories of old panels.


– Fixed Type & Draw-Out Type

– Compliance to IEC60947-2

– Type Test approval by DEKRA

– Built in with Shunt trip coil 240VAC and Auxiliary Contact 3a

– Rated Current (A) 1000A until 6300A

– Breaking Capacity (kA) 65kA & 85kA

Air Circuit Breakers

HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (HHI) ACB meet your demands for high breaking capacity, full line-up and optimized panel size. Various accessories and connection methods realize user-friendly handling.

High Performance Protection Trip Relay (OCR) 

The protection trip relay (OCR) of U-Series ACB supports stable power supply with temperature alarm, fault recording, and others in addition to main protection functions.


– Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) =1000

– Ics = 100% Icu

– Compliance to IEC60947-2

– Type Test approval by DEKRA & JKR

Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Maximized Insulation Performance
– The safety of the product has been maximized through enhanced insulation voltage
– Rated Insulation Voltage, Ui : 1,000 V
– Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage, Uimp : 8 kV

High Breaking Capacity
Maximum breaking capacity was realized with high breaking capacity in Korea.

Cable Insulation Performance Suitability
In case there is a presence of abnormal condition such as welding of the main contact after tripping of the circuit breaker by realizing the cable insulation performance in accordance with IEC 60947-2, the handle does not move from ON to OFF position. This makes it safe by preventing the operation of circuit breaker caused by the operator’s negligence.

Sealing Structure (Option) Applied
Dial sealing structure is applied to prevent arbitrary change of the current set value using a protection cover (Prevent operation of thermal magnetic adjustment knob) (Option)

Various Low Voltage System Protections
HGM Type MCCB realizes current limiting characteristics and outstanding breaking performance and enables various low voltage system protections such as discrimination and cascading.

In case an accident occurs during load, the upstream main circuit breaker operates earlier than the downstream circuit breaker of the accident circuit for back-up protection. It is an economic protection method. Thus, a circuit breaker with lower breaking capacity than the estimated short-circuit current can be applied.


– Rated Current from 6A to 125A

– Ics = 100% Icu

– Compliance to IEC60898

– Type Test approval by DEKRA & SIRIM

Miniature Circuit Breaker

HGD series MCBs rating covers from 6 A to 125 A. The range offers a variety of feature benefits such as uniform breaking capacity of 10 kA across entire range in accordance with IEC/EN 60898-1and IEC/EN 60947-2.

Product Performance

  • Compact structure and external design.
  • Customers can choose between deluxe type and standard type depending on the need for inscription window.
  • Under the standard of IEC 60898-1, all ranges are available with a short circuit capacity of 6kA~10 kA and it is designed to use both pin type and fork type busbar.

Product Structure

  • 13 plates arc chute for effective arc quenching.
  • Dual termination for bus-bar as well as cable connection.
  • Trip free mechanism: MCB trips even if held in ON position .


  • AUX, ALT, SHT, UVT options are available.
  • SHT with AUX function together

IEC 60898-1 for household application

  • Compliance to IEC61008
  • Type Test approval by DEKRA & SIRIM
  • Current limiting structure. High quality material against fire, high temperature risk and shock
Residual Current Circuit Breakers

HYUNDAI ELECTRIC introduces the HRC series of RCCBs rating from 16 A to 100 A. The range offers a variety of feature such as conditional short circuit breaking capacity of 6 kA across entire range in accordance with IEC/EN 61008-1, it also incorporates features like safety terminal, positive contact indication, test button for regular inspection.

Product Performance

  • Type AC and type A
  • RCCB test button for regular inspection
  • Compact structure and external design
  • Conditional short-circuit current capacity 6 kA

Product Structure

  • Dual termination for bus-bar as well as cable connection.
  • N phase at the left pole
  • There are two indication windows on the surface, the upper one is for ON/OFF indication and the lower one is for leakage fault indication.
  • The special shape is added to the cage lug so that the cable is firmly fastened and does not fall easily
  • Test button.

IEC/EN 61008-1

Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection

RCBOs are a combination of an RCCB and a miniature circuit breaker in a compact design for personnel, fire and line protection. For personnel protection and fire protection, the residual current part of the type AC trips in the event of sinusoidal AC residual currents, type A also trips in the event of pulsating DC residual currents.


– Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) =750 to 1000V

– 3 Poles DUST PROOF magnetic contactors manufactured in Korea

– Coil rating from 100VAC to 500VAC, 50/60Hz

– AC3 current rating from 9 to 800 Amp

Magnetic Contactors

Enhanced Safety
Front Protection Cover

  • Minimize foreign input
  • Prevent unexpected operation due to user’s error

Sealed Structure of Mounting Hole for Auxiliary Devices

  •  Obstructed by contact bridge when MC is ON / OFF

Removable Terminal Cover

  • Applicable for main contact, auxiliary contact, coil contact
  • IP20

Improved Customer’s Convenience
Upper Arrayed Auxiliary Contacts

  •  Easy wiring control cable. (default, 2a2b)
  • Easy Coil Replacement Structure
  • Easy maintenance and replacement in attached status on switchgear

Various Attachment Methods on Switchgear
DIN rail and screw type


– With Phase Failure Protection

– Three heater type for phase failure protection manufactured in Korea

Thermal Overload Relay

Protection Cover

  • Operating side is covered with protection cover in order not to change the settings and any operating arbitrarily.
  • In order to change the settings, it can be changed by lifting up the protection cover.

Test Button

  • When motor needs emergency stop during operation, it is possible to stop the motor by cutting off its contact from the magnetic contact with test button.
  • In order to test the operation of thermal overload relay contacts, immediate testing is possible by pulling up test button which changes NO/NC contact.

Current Setting Knob

  • It is possible to set the rated current as 3 steps by using a +/- screwdriver.

Reset Button

  • A (Auto) Mode: Auto reset
  • H (Manual) Mode: Manual reset

Main Circuit Terminal

  • Screw type terminal is standard model, but for 40 – 100 AF, Lug type is available as an option.

Safety Structures of TOR

  • Attachment of protection cover

> Prevents test function during operation and misoperation by user.

  • Separation of reset button and test button

> Prevents malfunction during operation.


– IEC60947 Utilization Category : AC6-B

– Coil rating 240VAC

– Manufactured in Korea

Capacitor Switching Contactors AC6-B
  • Capacitor switching contactor is combined with magnetic contactor
  • Contactor is assembled with damping resistors which limit the high in-rush current when the capacitors are switched on. They are assembled with early-make contact block, which is switched on before the main contacts, thus, limiting the in-rush current.
  • Capacitor switching unit is composed of 3 NO main contacts and 1 auxilliary contact (1NO or 1NC).
  • When power is supplied, capacitor creates oscillation frequency (1~15KHZ) and generates transient current (over 180 ln). Capacitor switching unit limits the transient current, thus, protects main contacts.
  • When power is supplied to magnetic contactor, the value of maximum current is reduced as following cases :
    1. Inductance of main power supply is too high.
    2. Rating of line transformer is too low.
    3. Short circuit of transformer is too high.